Workshop on Political Dilemmas of International Aid, 18 January, UCL’s Global Governance Institute

I’m very excited about this  upcoming workshop, organised by Niheer Dasandi and myself, on political dilemmas of international development aid. Niheer and I are going to present our recent work on the donor’s dilemma, but even more importantly, we will be discussing this with Alan Whaites of the OECD’s Accountability and Effective Institutions Team, and with Jennifer Rubenstein (University of Virginia), author of the wonderful book Between States and Samaritans: The Political Ethics of Humanitarian NGOs (Oxford University Press, 2015).

International aid is under increasing scrutiny. While donors and development NGOs point to the positive impact aid has in developing countries, critics argue that aid does more harm than good by facilitating rights abuses.

Human rights organisations and British newspapers, in particular, have been critical of what they see as taxpayer-funded support for corrupt and repressive regimes. Given the messy politics and extreme situations that donors and development NGOs often face in developing countries, how should they respond to the dilemmas arising from international aid? What types of rules should guide their actions, and how could these rules be justified?

18 January, 5pm. Follow the link above for registration.


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